rooms セフティプラス最終
Spend time in nature and be happy all year round!


Daisetsuzan National Park (including Asahidake) is 23 hectares, the largest national park in Japan. Daisetsuzan Shirakabasou is set in the beautiful surroundings of the National Park.
In the morning Shirakabasou is shrouded in a mist that rolls out of the woods. The day time presents beautiful clear blue skies and then at night a sky full of stars. The clear skies give you great views of Asahidake. There’s so much to see, flowers in the spring, autumn leaves and pure white snow in the winter.



 Japanese room  
 Dormitory style room with bunk beds for youth hostel (YH) members.
A traditional tatami mat room that sleeps 4 people.We have two rooms that can sleep 5-6 people Rooms for YH members
For non-YH members, this room will be 1,000 less than a standard tatami mat room.



 Log house annex First floor lounge Western style room
 ログハウス  洋室
2 rooms on the 2nd floor and one room on the first floor, toilet. You can rent this room for 8 people or more….please contact us for more details.   One room only – barrier free/wheelchair access (2people)


Dining room       Hot spring
セフティプラス最終   セフティプラス最終
On clear days you great views of Asahidake through the large dining room windows.  
セフティプラス最終 セフティプラス最終  
 Dinner time 18:00 Breakfast 8:00 am (7:00 in the summer time)   It contains Natrium, Calcium, Magnesium and many other minerals. It’s great to have a soak to help you recover after a long day on the mountain. It will also do wonders for your skin.




Open until 10:00pm
Gas cartridges (EPI, Primus) postcards, ice-creams, snacks, instant noodles, towels, insect repellent and more.
Laundry and Ski maintenance room in the basement.
The whole room acts as an airing room to dry your gear.