Thank you for your reservation.


The reservation form transmission confirmation e-mail you send.


Until the e-mail address who folded fill sure we will contact you.


Please wait a while now until the booking is complete.





10 or more

Between 31~60 days before the date you stay   50%
Between 15~30 days before the date you stay 10% 100%
Between 7~14 days before the date you stay 20% 100%
Between 4~6 days before the date you stay 30% 100%
Between 2~3 days before the date you stay 30% 100%
One day before you stay 50% 100%
Until 5:00 PM the day you stay 70% 100%
After 5:00 PM the day you stay

In case you do not contact us on the staying day

100% 100%


  1. ‘%’  is we calculate from your whole staying fee.

(For example: If you book with price 20000 Yen, and cancel 9 days before,

we ask you to pay 4000 Yen to cancel)


2.If you changed your plan to stay shorter after you book, we ask you to pay the less.

  It is related to the

  (For example: Book 4 nights but you changed to 3 nights after you arrived, you need    

   to pay for 4 nights. If you tell us 5 days before, you need to pay 30% of the one

   day cost )


3.You book as a group, and canceled 10 days or more before, we are not asking you

  to pay 10% number of people from your group.

  (For example: Book as a group of 50 people, and 5 people canceled, you do not have

   to pay, but if 6 people canceled, you pay for 1 person’s staying fee.)



4.You book 90 days or more before, and whenever canceled your booking, you must pay

  100% of whole staying fee.


5.You book separately and if canceled with total of people over 10, we set the term

  is the same as Group.

  (For example: Book on Aug 1,2 person, Aug 3, 4person, Aug 6, 4 person, and if you

   canceled all days, we calculate as a group because the total of people is 10)


Daisetsuzan Shirakabaso